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Petition to the European Committee of Social Rights – July-14-2013 – July-14-2014

July 7, 2013

To the European Committee of Social Rights

Mister President,

We, members of ARTA association (Romanian Associations of the Golden Triangle), are Romanians who have established in Canada, we are deeply concerned of our grandparent’s situation, parents and all aging relatives in Romania. These citizens, after having lived an entire life contributing to the progress of their country, presently find themselves in despairing conditions, living in poverty and misery. Romania vill soon be the country with the largest senior population of the European Union. Our country provides the smallest percentage of GDP on social protection, only 18%. Romanian retirees are among the poorest of the European Union, 41.7% of them living at the limit of poverty. About one millilon of Romanian seniors need to be cared for at home.

Having in view the alarming situation of these people, of which many of us have heard accounts, we ask you to give them the respect and care they deserve in society.

We suggest the following course of action:

  1. An increase of the number of seniors homes controlled by the government, at reasonable prices, the capacity of existing homes being insufficient to meet the demand.
  2. The monitoring by government bodies of maintenance clauses for seniors who have sold their property in exchange for being cared for.
  3. The punishment of notaries who falisfy the property rights of the elderly.

We wait with hopes of your answer,

Please accept, Sir, the expression of our best regards,

Members of the Romanian Association.

Please sign the petition online, thank you

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